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How Does MapleSim Compare?


MapleSim presents a more complete system-level solution that can integrate into your current system. Unlike SystemModeler, MapleSim allows you to enhance your modeling toolchain rather than replace it. Build multi-domain plant models easily in MapleSim, then export to various targets such as standard C, Modelica, Simulink and NI just to name a few.


not supported

partially supported
MapleSim SystemModeler
Full toolchain for modelling, simulation and real-time HIL code generation Learn More
Multidomain modeling available available
Signal flow blocks available available
1D Mechanical library (rotational and translational) available available
Electrical library (analogue and multiphase) available available
Electrical digital library Learn More not available
Proprietary multibody library built for speed available not available
Hydraulic library Learn More not available
Magnetic library available available
Thermal library available Checkmark
Driveline library Learn More not available
Tire library Learn More not available
Equation-based (coding free) custom components Learn More not available
Modelica custom components available Checkmark
Integrated modeling & simulation environment available
Combine Modelica with drag-and-drop design available Checkmark
Modelica import available Checkmark
Code Generation & Connectivity MapleSim SystemModeler
Executable C code out-of-the-box Learn More not available
S functions Learn More not available
FMI Connectivity Learn More not available
LabVIEW export Learn More not available
Export to dSPACE realtime hardware Learn More not available
Export to VI-CarRealTime Learn More not available
Connectivity to JMAG-RT Learn More not available
Export to B&R Automation Studio Learn More not available
Analysis & Design MapleSim SystemModeler
Tightly integrated analysis platform Learn More
Programmable simulation control available available
Parallelized parameter sweeps available available
Model equation analysis available available
Control systems design available available
Model calibration available available
Optimization available available
Sensitivity Analysis available available
State snapping available available
Deployable to web available available
Visualization MapleSim SystemModeler
3D Multibody animations
available available
Movie export available available
CAD geometries for visualization available available
Resources MapleSim SystemModeler
Frequently updated free model library available not available
Online Resources (models, webinars, case studies, tutorials etc) available
North American, European and Asian systems engineering team available