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Industrial Automation

With a modern physical modeling environment and exceptional multibody dynamics capabilities, Maplesoft Engineering Solutions simplify and enhance the development of high-precision machinery. Typical applications include the improvement of machine dynamics, implementing or improving mechatronics control, or exploring possible machine configurations for design alternatives. Maplesoft makes the development and application of the necessary models quicker and more accurate than with traditional design methods or other modeling tools.

  • Dramatically reduce model development and analysis time
  • Rapidly create system-level models to simulate the behavior of the entire system in a single environment
  • Leverage revolutionary multibody technology for unparalleled flexibility and control of your models
  • Advanced analysis through an extensive programming language and design documentation environment
  • Fastest auto-generated code for real-time and HIL simulation
  • Pass your work down the toolchain through smooth integration with other tools, including Simulink® and B&R Automation Studio
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