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Engineering Solutions for HIL and SIL Testing

Get extremely fast, high-fidelity model code for real-time testing

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Whether you are working on hardware, software, or operator-in-the-loop applications, it is critical that your system models run on a real-time platform within the simulation time step. The symbolic model formulation and optimized code generation techniques available with Maplesoft Engineering Solutions guarantees you the fastest possible execution time for your model. However, with large systems, even the fastest possible time may not be fast enough. When that happens, our team has extensive experience in rigorous model reduction and code optimization techniques that maximize fidelity within the constraints of working on a real-time platform.

High-precision Manufacturing machinery

Maplesoft Engineering Solutions support:

  • Lossless model simplification

  • Code optimization

  • Model reduction with maximal fidelity

  • Model generation for a large variety of target platforms

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