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Statistics with Maple

Statistics with Maple

Martha Abell
James Braselton
John Rafter


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This tutorial and reference manual provides users of Maple with detailed guidance for using the software to perform statistical analyses. Readers are assumed to have a basic knowledge of statistics and a familiarity with Maple. Statistics with Maple is a practical guide for engineers, statisticians, business professionals and others who use the Maple software package and who wish to use it to produce numerical summaries, make graphical displays, and perform statistical inference. The text is unique in its focus on using Maple for statistical methodology. Whenever a statistical concept is introduced, Statistics with Maple provides the appropriate Maple syntax and a straightforward, worked-out example. The exposition is clear and concise, and the authors provide over 150 procedures on a CD that is packaged with the book. The code is accessible and users are free to copy it into Maple worksheets and modify it for their own use.
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Language: English
ISBN: 0-120-41556-9
Publisher: Elsevier Science & Technology

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