Implementing MapleMBSE – Maplesoft
Implementing MapleMBSE
Experienced hands guide your MBSE implementation through rapid, error-free integration of knowledge sharing and the existing system model.
MapleMBSE Systems Engineering: Connected
Use Cases for MapleMBSE

Applying MapleMBSE in the following areas speeds up project tasks and reduces the risk of error and poor communication.

  • Interface Control Document
  • Variant Management / Product Line Engineering
  • Safety Analysis
  • Model-Based Design Review
  • Trade-off Analysis
  • And much more …

MapleMBSE improves complex project tasks that require people or processes to work with the system model:

  • Analysis tasks, e.g., impact analysis, Design Structure Matrix (DSM), traceability.
  • Integration of large quantities of information, e.g., Master Equipment Lists (MEL).
  • Spreadsheet driven tasks, e.g., safety analysis, FMEA, energy/mass/cost budgets.
  • Specialist skills/SME knowledge capturing tasks, e.g., functional decomposition, interface definitions.
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Setting up MapleMBSE

You are assigned a Maplesoft Platform Expert that will be supported by a team of experienced System Engineering developers and analysts.

When applying MapleMBSE to an existing MBSE project, the team helps you create an efficient conduit between project stakeholders and your system model.

This speeds up the capturing of Subject Matter Experts (SME) knowledge, and allows model updates to be easily seen and understood.

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