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B&R MapleSim Connector

Make virtual commissioning easier by using your MapleSim models within B&R Automation Studio, allowing you to visualize, test, and validate your machine’s control strategies.

MapleSim Connector

Automatic generation of Simulink® S-functions from MapleSim models. The generated ANSI-C code is compatible with Simulink Coder™ for simulation on supported platforms such as dSPACE®, xPC Target™ and B&R Automation Studio Target for Simulink®.

MapleSim Connector for JMAG®-RT

The MapleSim Connector for JMAG-RT allows you to combine the powerful finite element analysis (FEA) abilities of JMAG with the advanced physical modeling approach of MapleSim.

MapleSim Connector for FMI

Export MapleSim models in a standard format, established with the help of the Modelica Association, that is easily understood by other FMI-compliant tools.

MapleSim CAD Toolbox

Investigate how your mechanical models will behave when part of a larger system by incorporating your CAD models into MapleSim's multidomain, system-level modeling environment.

MapleSim Control Design Toolbox

A solid set of essential control design tools that extend MapleSim's exceptional plant modeling capabilities to support control design.

MapleSim Tire Library

Extend MapleSim vehicle models with high-performance pneumatic tire component models.

MapleSim Driveline Library

Mix the best of physical models and empirical data to maximize model fidelity, optimize your designs, and improve overall vehicle fuel-efficiency.

MapleSim Heat Transfer Library

Gain a comprehensive view into the heat transfer effects present in your model, to improve performance and avoid overheating.

MapleSim Battery Library

Incorporate physics-based predictive models of battery cells into your models so you can take battery behavior into account early in your design process.

MapleSim Ropes and Pulleys Library

Model the dynamics of rope and pulley systems, and view enhanced 3-D visualizations of your system's performance.

MapleSim Web Handling Library

Simulate roll-to-roll processes when handling paper, foil, and film, helping you manage tensioning, optimize the web speed and reduce web slippage.

MapleSim Explorer

Make the knowledge embedded in your MapleSim models available to more people in your organization, to support their decision making.

MapleSim Insight

MapleSim Insight gives machine builders powerful, simulation-based debugging and 3-D visualization capabilities that directly connect to your automation tools, so you can perform simulation-based testing of your controller easily and efficiently.

MapleSim Server

Explore MapleSim simulation models from a web browser. Access your models from computers and mobile devices using a standard web browser, no plug-ins required.

MapleSim Modelica Engine

The MapleSim Modelica Engine can be licensed as an OEM product for inclusion in your own applications and products.